Amefell Whispered

Introduction To Amefell Whispered
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The year is 423 of the Second Age…** The world of Scirduna has been a quiet place for many years now, the provinces and territories all but calmed after the War of Reunification led by the New Magistrate and King Vedrick of the Southern Lands (Trianthum). With the lands of The Northern Territories (Triatha), The Broken Coast (Vendl), The Western Hills (Corosa), and The Goroadan Desert (Mahadrine) brought together, the collective continent of Amefell (the land in which this campaign takes place) is as strong as ever. The military stands tall and strong, the economy of almost each and every major city is booming, and the citizens are prosperous. However, there bodes an ancient foe within the mountainous regions of Triatha that stir from an old rest to act upon a vengeance forsworn in the Third Pre-Age, almost 3000 years ago. This enemy of Amefell will not rest for very much longer, and when it awakes, Amefell will not just whisper of the destruction wrought. It will scream.

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